My New Phone! (Xolo Q800)

After thoroughly researching for the ideal budget phone, I was still sceptical about XOLO as I heard there were issues with after sales. Then I heard that a colleague of mine had got the A700. I went and checked out his phone and was pleasantly surprised at the build quality and overall feel of the phone. It was really good for the price. I decided to take a leap of faith, after sales service or no.
I went ahead and ordered my Q800 on eBay, which I paid 11.8k on EMI, because the eBay birthday celebration offers (original is 12.5k). The seller had clearly mentioned that he would ship it after a particular date, which he did. I received the parcel the very next morning and didn’t have time to open it at home so I carried it to office and opened it there. πŸ˜›
Once my colleagues ripped apart the packaging, I slowly opened the box hoping for the best. And there it was, the front face bears a slight resemblance similar to the new iPhone 5. The build felt solid. Simplistic design yet a beauty, not one hint of fancy designing on it. There’s a solid metal strip going around the phone on the sides. The back is rubberized/soft plastic, doesn’t attract fingerprints or anything else, scratch resistant even. The size of the phone is perfect, not too big, not too small, it’s just right, but remember this phone not for someone who wants to make a style statement, there’s nothing fancy about it but it does not look or feel cheap nor does it act cheap, looks like a perfect business phone.
I took out the battery and put it in along with my SIM from my old friend, the aged HTC HD2 and then hit the power button. Fingers crossed, I hoped everything went well. And it did, within seconds it booted up and I was star struck at the quality and resolution of the screen! When I had seen the screen on my colleague’s A700, it wasn’t that great, but this, this was mind blowing! The camera has burst mode and the quality is pretty decent. This was the only part of the phone that was a bit mediocre, the camera. Everything else, out of this world! Sound quality, accessories, screen and touch quality, Wi-Fi signal strength, mobile network signal strength, GPRS speed (haven’t got 3G so I can’t comment on it) and lastly the battery. The battery is a monster! It’s like a l’il Energizer bunny! I’ll give you a hint of the battery life, I charged it for around 4 hours initially after I got home, then for the next nine hours I loaded all my softwares and downloaded 3 games along with it’s data, over WiFi, that amounted to around 3 GB and then I tested the games for sometime as well, say about half an hour to 45 minutes in total (fyi, Most Wanted and Real Racing 3 have some issues with audio echoing and lagging, apparently something EA has to fix, the graphics and gameplay was super smooth though), did some benchmarking (the phone lands just slightly above the Asus Transformer in this, which is awesome again, for the price), then even played music for an hour while I was setting all this up. During this period, the phone got a l’il warm, that’s all not hot like most other phones get. The end result after all that was 60% remaining!!!! WTH you say?! I said the same thing. And I saw that some people were asking about whether it has Wi-Fi tethering or not, well it does and also it has Wi-Fi Direct as well. All in all, my verdict for this phone is that it is the Mona Lisa of budget phones. I was won over within minutes of using the phone and so were my colleagues who passed the phone all over the office to get a look and feel of it. I have no regrets. After sales or no after sales service, I say go for it!

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