Review: “The Ghost” Laptop Backpack by RoadGods

“Gods Minimalist Laptop Backpack” is what they’re calling it. In today’s day and age where biking and gadget toting people seem to be going hand in hand more often than not, especially here in the Silicon Valley of India, this bag should appeal to them. This newly launched backpack has started to sell out like hot cakes! Why is it so, you ask? Read on to find out.

Well, to begin with, some people may relate to this with the OGIO Mach series of backpack which are considered to be quite premium in its segment. Also, they fall into the category of semi-hard luggage. But their price range starts north of ₹5,000/-. That’s where the people at RoadGods have brought in “The Ghost” to fill this void in the sub 5,000/- category. At a mere ₹1,499/- (promotional price on their website currently), it is way more functional and pocket friendly that most, if not all the laptop bags available in this price range.

So, let’s see what this bag has to offer, shall we? To begin with, I’m going to list out exactly what’s been listed out on their site, then we’ll go from there:


  • Minimal ghost design: Remarkable design stands out in the crowd. *Patents Pending (#289643)
  • Security: Outer shell reinforced with unbreakable fibre embedded sheets.
  • Revolutionary Rear opening main compartment: enhanced safety for riders and commuters
  • Easy access pockets:On each side for access to wallets, keys and anything else you need on the go. The side fins of Ghost protect these pockets.
  • Travel cards storage on shoulder straps– Smart and easy access of cards just when you need them
  • Interior organisers:
    • Separate laptop compartment –Zippered for 360-degree protection. Compatible with up to 15.6” laptops and 16″ MacBooks. (which is essentially all 15.6” laptops in its entirety)
    • Unique cable organisers –for tangle less storage of headphones, charging, USB cables etc.
    • Zippered mesh compartment –for chargers, mouse, portable speakers.
    • Separate organisers for hard drives, cell phones, notebooks etc.
    • Two large elasticated organising pockets on outer wall: Store just anything.
    • Sunglasses compartment –Suspended compartment for sunglasses/goggles on top of side walls – For security against crushing impacts.
  • Theft and Pickpocketing protection – Safe when riding bikes/ commuting in metro
  • Shape retaining construction even when empty
  • Stands by itself on flat surfaces, without needing support
  • Three layered Gods™ tough construction
  • Reflective Gods™branding to make your ‘crowned’ presence felt, even in the dark!
  • Wider comfortable straps
  • Water repellent, water-resistant ballistic Nylon
  • Abrasion resistant dotted Polyurethane.
  • Best quality hardware and super-smooth zippers

Detailed Description: 


GHOST’s inner sanctum can only be accessed from its back, which makes it not just unique, but also secure from unauthorised access by anyone around. It serves as a protection against thefts and pickpocketing. Traditional backpacks can be easily accessed by razor cutting them or through their unprotected zippers.

The outer shell of Ghost is razor cut resistant due to the embedded unbreakable fibre sheet reinforced inside it.

The Reinforced Fibre inner frame of GHOST serves dual purpose of enhancing aesthetics and safety. Built with the ability to retain its shape even when empty; and at the same time making it tough for motorcycle riders.

It has been designed to be safer and more secure when riding motorcycle, or for daily metro commutes.

Ease of Access:

But access from behind does not mean it affects your ease of access. There are two easy access pockets on each side for quick access of your wallets, keys and anything you need on the go. There is a unique travel card storage pocket on shoulder straps providing much better ease of access than regular backpacks.


Additional Information

Bag Type Backpack
Material 1200D Polyester
Capacity Range (litres) 22 Litres
Water Resistant Yes
Laptop Compatibility Available
Dimensions 30*15*49

Pictures from their website:



My Hands-On Experience:

So, now comes the hands-on experience. It definitely feels and looks sturdy. It’s soft luggage with some reinforcement. The zippers are the water resistant type and are of really good quality. The sides have a rubbery feel to it, which actually has me worried to a certain extent because, if I’m not wrong, this is the type of rubber that becomes sticky and yucky if it’s left lying around for a few weeks/months (like the finger grips on some pens) or if exposed to extreme heat, wiz., the Sun. Then again, I could be wrong so I’m not going to deduct any points for it just yet. We’ll have to wait and see. I’ll update this after using the bag for a month or two. Moving on to the build quality, judging by just generally touching it is pretty good but upon closer inspection, the straps don’t feel like they’re reinforced into the sub-layers. This brings about questions of its durability. Granted, it has a year’s warranty but still, this aspect also remains to be seen upon further usage. I will definitely put it through its paces, considering that I carry around an Alienware that weighs 3 kgs, it will definitely be tested thoroughly.

Update: The handle on top is a bit annoying while you’re wearing the bag as it makes itself felt quite prominently on your neck. This shouldn’t be a problem if you wear your bag a bit loose. And if you’re worried about stuff kept in the rear sleeve biting into your back, well don’t be, it’s quite comfortable. Lastly, the adjustment straps should’ve had retainers as they’re quite long and dangles a lot once you’ve had the straps adjusted to fit you snugly.

Everything said and done, the bag is an extreme value for money even if the things I’m speculating about turns out to be true, it is still better than all the laptop bags out there in this price range. This here has no competition and I do highly recommend it. Please note that the actual MRP mentioned is ₹2,199/- so if you’re looking out for a bag currently, don’t hesitate, just pick this up immediately before the prices increase!

So here I’ll leave you with a few close-up shots and how it looks like in real life rather than in a studio,


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  1. I got an awesome bag for my comfort and safe use while traveling in metro and crowded area.
    I just love the product.

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